It's never been easier to add Esohead tooltips to your site.

  1. Add this piece of HTML code in the <head> section of your page:
    • <script type="text/javascript" src="http://eso.zamimg.com/asset/js/tooltips.min.js"></script>
  2. You are done!

Esohead links found on your site will now sport a tooltip. The following pages are supported: achievements, books, classes, items,monsters, quests, races. recipes, skills, and zones.


Advanced Usage

To have tooltips modify the colors of links on your site and add icons where appropriate place this before the normal tooltip code:

<script>var zam_tooltips = { addIcons: true, colorLinks: true, renameLinks: true };</script>

Only want to do one of those things? Then include just change the other optiosn to false, like so:

<script>var zam_tooltips = { addIcons: false, colorLinks: true, renameLinks: false };</script>


A full list of options:

  • colorlinks - Color item and recipe links according to their quality. Set to true.
  • iconizelinks - Add small icons to item, recipes, skills, and quest links. Set to true.
  • renamelinks - Change all Esohead database links to use the name of what they link to. Set to true. Note that this will even change things like image links to database pages to their respective name.
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