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Imperial City DLC - Trailer & Release Date

Nearly a year and a half beyond its launch, ESO is getting its first DLC!

Launch Details

Imperial City is already is just on the horizon, only 6-8 weeks away for all platforms.

  • Release Date: Aug. 31st (PC/Mac), Sept. 15th (XB1), Sept. 16th (PS4)
  • Price: 2500 Crowns (~$25 for 3000 Crowns)
    • Optional: Have an active ESO Plus membership, instead of buying it outright.

Trailer: "Liberate the Imperial City"

Imperial City Specifics

So what's the gist of Imperial City?

Molag Bal and the forces of Coldharbour have taken control of the crown jewel of Cyrodiil: the Imperial City. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’s first DLC game pack features hours of compelling story content, expanded Veteran Ranks, a new currency for new epic gear, two new dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, craftable item sets, and more.

Here are the details of what you can expect:

  • A brand new PvP/PvE space, including the six Imperial City Districts
  • One new Imperial City PvP Public Dungeon: The Imperial Sewers
  • Two new PvE Imperial City group dungeons with Normal and Veteran versions: White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison
  • The Tel Var Stone system
    • "...the currency used to trade for mighty Veteran Rank 16 armor sets."
  • 23 completely new Veteran Rank 16 item sets, only available in Imperial City
  • Treasure Vaults that contain new Veteran Rank 16 set jewelry and a chance for even rarer finds
  • Xivkyn racial motif style
  • New collectibles only available in Imperial City (pets, polymorphs, and a costume)
  • All content is available to players that are level 10 and up

Luckily, all players will receive a significant patch when Imperial City launches. It includes some pretty significant changes. These are the highlights they point out:

  • 15% decrease in the amount of XP it takes to gain a Veteran Rank
  • 100% more XP for all public dungeons
  • 50% more XP for all Veteran Rank quests
  • 20% more XP in Craglorn
  • Veteran Rank increased to 16
  • Racial Passive improvements
  • Mundus Stone buff improvements
  • Glass racial motif style
  • Improvements to existing item sets
  • The ability to hide mount visual upgrades
  • New crafting skill line passives
  • New Undaunted pledges
  • Tons of combat and gameplay balance changes
  • Improved end-of-campaign Alliance War rewards

Fair content for a fair price? Does anything stand out to you?

Let us know in the comments below!



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How's ESOHEAD crew? Is someone taking care of the site and news section?

Same question...

I guess enough time has passed that we have an answer. Sadly :/

I sent in a Feedback if anyone happens to see this. They seem pretty diligent on making sure anything WoW related or LoL related is updated. While the current data is really old. Especially armor traits as those are really out of date along with all the armor sets that have been reworked or added from Orsinium and onward.

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