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Hotfixes for 7/22, Limited Edition Bristlegut Piglet Vanity Pet and More

Originally Posted by ZOS_GinaBruno (Original Post)

Hello everyone!

We just pushed a hotfix on the North American and European megaservers that has fixed the quest reward for Mystery of Razak in Razak's Wheel. You will now receive the Toy Spider when you complete this quest. If you previously completed this quest and did not receive the Toy Spider, it will arrive via in-game mail in a future content update. If you would like to receive the Spider sooner, you can contact our Support Team and they will send it to you.

According to a post by ZOS_AmeliaR the limited edition Bristlegut Piglet vanity pet that was given out at QuakeCon this past week will also be available at future conventions in 2014.

Originally Posted by ZOS_AmeliaR (Original Post)

QuakeCon was not the only chance to get a Bristlegut Piglet vanity pet. We'll be giving away codes for these at future conventions in 2014, too (just visit the Bethesda booth)!

Also ZOS_JessicaFolsom chimed in on what we should see with the ability to kill NPCs with the Justice System coming in a future patch.

Originally Posted by ZOS_JessicaFolsom (Original Post)

The current plan is that important NPCs (quest NPCs, bankers, stablemasters, merchants) will not be killable when the Justice System goes live. However, they will be attackable, react accordingly, and you will incur bounty for doing so.


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