Elder Scrolls Online: The Road Ahead (February 2015)

Game Director Matt Firor updates the community on some important questions they've received since unveiling The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited last month. The post touches on the final loyalty rewards before the Tamriel Unlimited launch, the philosophy behind the Crown Store, advantages of ESO Plus and some info on June's console launch.

Loyalty Rewards

Two more loyalty rewards will hit ESO before the game switches to the new edition in March. First up is the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter, a costume item that will be granted to anyone who had subscribed for at least nine months between April 2014 and the March 2015 launch of Tamriel Unlimited. This mask honors the chaotic nature of the Daedric Prince, Sheogorath. Finally, an exclusive giant cat mount, the Striped Senche, will be granted to everyone who has subscribed long-term to The Elder Scrolls Online. Eligibility requirements are that you must have an active subscription when the transition to Tamriel Unlimited occurs and that you have paid for 300 total (non-consecutive) days of subscription time prior to March 16, 2015.

The loyalty program will be retired with the launch of TESO: Tamriel Unlimited.

Crown Store Philosophy

With Tamriel Unlimited, a Crown Store will be added in-game (you can check it out right now on the PTS), which will sell (in exchange for a new virtual currency called "crowns") items such as potions, vanity pets, mounts, costumes and more. The team stresses that items found in the Crown Store will be for customization and convenience, and are not there to take away you enjoyment of playing the game.

"Simply put, this means that an item in the Crown Store serves one of two purposes: it either provides a visual upgrade or distinction for your character, or it provides a way to save time at the expense of spending crowns. When it comes to this second category of items, we generally will make in-game variants of similar items available either as drops or as player-craftable items, as well."

While items such as magicka potions may be available in the Crown Store, they'll be somewhat less potent than crafted potions, and also have similar counterparts available to purchase from in-game vendors. This is where convenience comes in: you can spend crowns to get it immediately, or spend your gold to buy vendor/crafted ones.

This philosophy will be used from here forward to decide what goes into the Crown Store. For instance, Matt states that at some point we can expect experience potions, because those would be considered convenience items. The team is also looking at what other convenience items could be put on in-game vendors, but don't have anything solid yet.

ESO Plus

When it comes to the Crown Store, you get a bonus for being an ESO Plus member. Each month you'll gain a 1500 crown stipend, as well as DLC pack access. If you're already a subscriber you'll be converted into an ESO Plus member automatically when Tamriel Unlimited launches.


Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still on target for their June 4, 2015 release date. The extra development time was spent ensuring that the game felt like it was truly designed for console and wasn't simply a port. A new UI numbers among the features that will be available to console players.

Any PC or Mac player who activated their copy of The Elder Scrolls Online prior to June 30, 2014 is eligible for a console transfer to the PS4 or Xbox One. More details will be released at a later date.

Update 6

Don't forget that Update 6 launches this month! It's on the PTS now.

Tales of the Dead 3

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