(Medium Armor)
Boots of the Night Mother
Armor: 148
Level: 50
Part of the Night Mothers Embrace set
  • 2 Pieces
    • Adds 562 Max Stamina
  • 3 Pieces
    • Adds 106 Weapon Damage
  • 4 Pieces
    • Adds 75 Stamina Recovery
  • 5 Pieces
    • Night Mother's Embrace
      Reduce the range you can be detected while hidden by 2 meters. Reduces crouch cost by 25%.

Quick Facts

Item Level
How it works
ESO doesn't use a traditional "item level" system to make same-level items vary in power. Instead, there are actually hundreds of different quality types that fall under each of the familiar 5 colors. For instance, you'll find that world drops are less powerful than boss drops with the same quality and required level.

We are only generating the values on the tooltip based on if the items dropped in the world. The stats may vary if the item is not a world drop. We are currently testing better ways of letting you explore this data.



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