Commenting and You

One of Esohead's many useful features is the user-submitted comment system. This system allows users to submit their own comments to augment the data provided by Esohead. As a rule, Esohead promotes the submission of informative comments, but we also like to see the occasional joke. Moderators and users alike will apply positive and negative ratings to comments in an effort to promote the useful ones and purge unnecessary information.


With that in mind, below is a guide that can be used to determine how your comment will likely be received by the community.


Before You Post

  • Read existing comments – Sometimes, the information you have may already have been posted by another user. In this case, if the information is useful, the existing comment should be given a positive rank. Posting information that was already added in a previous comment will likely result in a negative rating.
  • Verify your facts – Make sure that what you have to post is true. A friend might tell you that a mob is immune to stuns, but unless you verify that yourself, you could be posting a potentially misleading comment.
  • Temporary usability – If you want to correct invalid or missing information on a page, keep in mind that your comment may go from a positive ranking to a negative ranking when the correction occurs. For example, informing the community that an item drops off of a mob before that data has been collected will be useful at first, but once Esohead learns that information and adds it to the 'Dropped By' tab, your comment becomes redundant.


Comment Ratings

Positive (+1)

  • Corrections on drop percentages – There are many instances where drop percentages will be inaccurate. For example, quest items do not drop for people who do not have the quest, so their drop percentages will be low. Also, mobs that periodically do not drop loot when they die won't count against the drop percentages, so these mobs may appear to have higher drop rates for some items.
  • Strategies – If you have a strategy that can assist other users in completing a quest or defeating a mob, by all means, share!
  • Quest coordinates – Providing coordinates for the location of quest items or mobs is always useful. When possible, you should provide Esohead links to quest targets as well.
  • Theorycrafting – We encourage users to post any information they have regarding complex calculations they may have performed to, for example, prove one item has a higher DPS than another given certain abilities.
  • Just for laughs – If your comment is one that would be universally funny (i.e. not an inside joke), post away. We like to laugh as much as anyone else. Of course, whether your joke is funny or not is subject to our other users. :)

Negative (-1)

  • Redundant information – For instance, a comment that says "Dropped by Molag Bal" does not add anything to the page as that information can be viewed in the "Dropped By" tab of the page in question.
  • Soloed by: Unless your comment contains a detailed explanation of how you defeated a mob, these comments do not add anything to the page. Simply stating your level, class, and that you soloed the mob by using a few skills is not enough to be useful.
  • Dropped in X kills – Telling users that you were lucky enough to get the crusader enchant in one drop is not considered useful information.
  • NPC/Object coordinates – The coordinates for NPC or mobs are already supplied in convenient maps within the Esohead interface.
  • Best X before level Y – Simply posting that an item is the best twink weapon or the best dagger for a nightblade is not helpful unless you can back up that claim with facts.
  • TEMPLAR WEPPON – While it would be acceptable to explain why you feel a certain class with a certain spec would gain the most benefit from an item, simply stating that you feel the weapon should always go to a hunter in a raid will result in negative moderation.
  • Confirmed! – Adding a comment that simply indicates that you have confirmed a comment left by someone else clutters the comments. The best way to confirm a comment as correct is to give it a positive ranking. A comment with a high ranking will indicate to users that many people think it is useful data.




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