Frequently Asked Questions



  • How often is the database updated from the user supplied data?

User submitted data goes through an internal process which results in legitimate data appearing on the site once approved. Typically this takes about 48 hours, but it varies.

  • How do I upload my data?

We provide a manual page to upload your data.



  • I've seen a bad ad on the site!

The following ad types are not allowed on the site:

    • Flashing, jiggling, or otherwise seizure-inducing ads.
    • Ads that play sound on a page-load.
    • Ads for RMT, gold-selling, powerlevelling, botting, or other services that encourage the user to break the Elder Scrolls Online Terms of Use.
    • Any ad banner that asks you to download or install something. Esohead will never ask you to install something that you didn't specifically request.
    • "Adult" content.

Unfortunately, now and then ads like this will get through. If you see one, please follow the instructions in here to report it to us, and we'll pull it down as soon as possible.


User Contributions


  • Why did you delete my comment?

Esohead does not directly moderate its comments, except in extreme cases such as pornography, or advertising. Instead, Esohead uses a user-moderated comment system. Every Esohead user can rate a comment up or down by one point. If a comment has a negative rating, the comment system automatically hides it from view. If a comment retains a negative rating for more than three days, it is "purged" from the page, though it remains visible on the user's profile. Purged comments will remain on the site, and hidden, if there are replies to those comments.

  • How do I make sure my comments don't get downrated?

We have a help page just for you!



  • Where did my screenshots go?

Screenshots are regularly replaced by better ones. We try to keep as many as we can, but eventually end up deleting a lot of previously approved ones to make room for more submissions.

  • How do I make sure my screenshots stay up?

We have a guide to how to take good screenshots here!



  • Does the Esohead site have spyware/malware/very bad things?

Nope! For those of you who aren't inclined to take our word for it, you can review Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page for details on Esohead's suspicion level.

  • Is there any way the site could be indirectly responsible for malware getting on my computer?

There have been a few cases in the past where one of our ad networks doesn't catch the fact that ad has malware and they publish it on their network. The result is that Esohead (as well as other sites using the network) have seen instances where advertisements caused malware warnings when people have visited the site. Every time this has happened, the people responsible for ads have shut off the ad network responsible. In extreme cases, we've completely shut off all ads on our site until we were assured that the bad ads had been purged. As you can imagine, we get just as angry as you guys when stuff like this happens (maybe even moreso because it makes us look bad for something we don't control) and we let the ad networks know. :)




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