What is Esohead?

Esohead was created with one sole intent: providing Elder Scrolls Online players with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable. This website is our contribution to this wonderful game.


Our user community is the most important part of what we do. Almost all of our information comes from the users, through data uploads from the Esohead Addon, comments on database entries and screenshot submissions!


We are firmly committed to the rules of gameplay and to the gaming community. As such, we have a firm stance against virtual item markets, real money trading (RMT) and powerleveling services. You will never see us support such efforts. Furthermore, anything against the Elder Scrolls Online Terms of Service or End User License Agreement is strictly prohibited on Esohead.



Esohead officially launched in February of 2014, with the help of many developers and content creators from Wowhead and the ZAM Network.


The Team

Claire (PoetikDragon) <Software Developer>

Claire is a web development prodigy, who has previously worked on Wowhead and various other ZAM Network websites. At Wowhead she acted as the driving force behind a number of projects, including the item comparison, weight scales, and hunter pet calculator, as well as being instrumental in the creation of the profiler!

Claire is a die hard roleplayer and has been playing various tabletop and live action games since she was 12. She has a head for problem solving and algorithms, and the first piece of code she ever wrote was a dice roller for Dungeons and Dragons on her graphing calculator. From there she branched out into true programming languages and better games, eventually combining her love of both when she discovered World of Warcraft. At the time of release she was studying for a computer science degree and it seemed natural to branch out into web development and lua addons to support her growing WoW addiction. Now she spends more time writing tools for the game than actually playing, but its what she enjoys most about it. She is still at heart a pen-and-paper gamer and participates in half a dozen local games when she finds the time -- even if it means she misses a raid. She met her husband at her first LARP and now plays WoW with him (though he is a total noob).


  • Obsession: Anything with dragons
  • Favorite game system: Fireborn (and close second, 7th Sea)
  • Pointless, masochistic goal: 1 of each race and class to max level


Dan (fewyn) <Community Manager>

Dan began his career in the MMO industry as a content manager for Allakhazam's WoW site, he was quickly seduced into moving over to Wowhead and then he moved on to multiple projects throughout the ZAM Network, such as GuildheadRiftheadTera Tome, and Torhead.

Dan began his gaming career with by grabbing the legendary Commander Keen off of a BBS. He later started becoming involved in online communities with the release of Final Fantasy VII. Later on he moved into MMOs playing some classics such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft, and a lot of other MMOs inbetween. When he's not doing MMO-related things, he's listening to music, reading, or running a Kingdom of Loathing site called KoLMafia.


  • Number of times run over with a car: Only once, we swear
  • Favorite Kingdom of Loathing character class: Accordion Thief
  • Snack of choice: Mike and Ikes


Jerek (Jerek) <Designer / Developer>

Coming Soon!


Katie (Katie) <Project Manager>

Katie has been enjoying video games since she was old enough to be sat up in front of a Commodore 64. Her fondest summer memories include collecting Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time, being the first to the Pokeball in Super Smash Brothers, and writing the world’s most unnecessarily detailed guide to Diddy Kong Racing. 

Katie originally became interested in the video game industry as an artist, obsessed with modeling in 3D Studio Max 4, but quickly fell in love with design and production. She has since worked in PC and mobile games in production, eventually joining ZAM as a Project Manager. When she isn’t busy assimilating ZAM teams into Scrum methodologies, Katie enjoys writing, art, hanging out at the beach, and playing video games.

  • Dietary staple: Candy
  • Favorite video game character: Link from The Legend of Zelda
  • Impossible life goal: To watch every episode of Cops



Kyle (SpiffyJr) <Software Developer>

Kyle began his PHP career writing an event management system called PhpRaider for WoW during his freshman year in college. After graduation, he worked as an embedded software engineer for several years before being hired to develop a content management system in PHP. He was picked up by ZAM to work on Wowhead after seeing an ad for new developers on Torhead and has been pwning code ever since.


Kyle began his gaming career on Duck Hunt when he was five with his Nintendo. He started his multiplayer career at age 11 with a MUD called Gemstone III before moving onto MMO's with Star Wars Galaxies. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife, gaming, lifting, yoga, and sports.


  • Favorite sport: Volleyball
  • Favorite game: ALL TEH THINGZ.
  • Words of wisdom: Everything needs balance - strive to achieve it.


Matt (Astray) <Software Developer>

Matt discovered his joy of making websites in his 7th grade computer class when he was introduced to the brand new piece of software "Netscape Composer".  Frustrated by the limitations of the WYSIWYG editor, he spent most of his free time teaching himself HTML, which led to JavaScript, Visual Basic and ultimately PHP, Java and C#. Matt joined ZAM through his Diablo III Database website, and has worked on the company's latest & greatest projects such as Hearthhead and Esohead.


Matt started gaming at the ripe age of 5 when as a Christmas present his parents gave him and his siblings an NES with Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. The passion for gaming followed Matt throughout his life as he burned thousands of hours in classics like StarCraft, Diablo II and Counter-Strike. Matt's first MMO experience was in Final Fantasy XI, but like most others, he eventually found himself in WoW. When he's not breaking stuff at ZAM, or playing Hearthstone/ESO, Matt enjoys casually coding mobile games.


  • Superpower: Can make any browser window have 2 dozen tabs within 30 minutes without realizing it
  • Proudest gaming accomplishment: Top 50 Grandmaster in Wings of Liberty
  • Hockey team: Calgary Flames


Shelbi (Lilith) Roach <Lead Designer>

Coming Soon!

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